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Tear trough treatment is the fastest growing dermal filler procedure, indicating the area around the eyes is a major concern for many people. The appearance of dark circles and volume deficits under the eyes not only make us look more tired, but also age us significantly.


What is the aim of a tear trough treatment?

Bone recession along with sagging or drooping of the fat pads in and around the eyes detract from a fresh eye appearance. Volume deficits that arise as part of these natural ageing processes contribute greatly to an overall tired appearance.

The aim of Tear Trough Filler treatment is always to correct these volume deficits and improve the tone of the skin around the eyes. While a good tear trough treatment will improve discolouration it will not correct dark pigmentation issues.

Why do people seek tear trough filler treatment?

Dark eyes detract from our overall appearance. They give the impression of us being tired or stressed, even when this isn’t how we feel. This can have implications socially and professionally. The number of people looking to address these concerns has increased dramatically recently thanks to improvements in product technology and cannula technique which lead to better results.

How do you treat the tear troughs with dermal filler?

By carefully placing dermal filler into pockets of deficits, we subtly restore volume to rejuvenate the appearance of the area. The filler can be placed in specific deficit points or it can be injected a sheet like manner to ensure the volume added improves the area in a natural way. Small amounts can make a huge difference.

What are the other things I need to consider about tear trough treatments?

Tear trough treatment is the most technically difficult procedure to perform with dermal fillers. Anatomically, the area around the eyes is very complicated and sensitive. There are blood vessels, ducts, and the skin is very thin in the region. All of this means a considered and gentle approach by a well trained medical practitioner is essential for great results

What techniques are used in tear trough treatments?

Large volumes of filler must be avoided for safety reasons. The filler used must also be suitable – a thin filler is best suited to the delicate under eye area. A cannula is more suitable than a needle in most cases because it minimises the chances of bruising, and allows filler to be injected flatly in multiple areas with only one injection point.

What results can I expect from my tear trough filler treatment?

Ultimately, we aim for results that restore an even and filled out under eye area. The skin tone and colour of the skin should also improve following the injection of hyaluronic acid as water is drawn to the area.